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Admission Pricing

Day Passes :: Bartering Discounts :: Pre-register by Credit Card via PayPal

Registering early for the festival will save you on the cost of admission!

Pre-register before April 30, 2017 for only $65 per adult!

May 1 - June 4, 2017 ~ Tickets will be $80 per adult. 

After June 4, you will have to get your ticket at the gate for $93.

NEW in 2017!

When we completed the 11-year Tree of Life working in 2016, we (purposely) emptied the bank account to pay for the festival. We spent all that was left from that working to bring you TWO amazing keynote speakers and an epic Feast of the Beast. This means that we are starting this new working (the Paths/Major Arcana) from ZERO -- just like the Fool himself. 

This is an incredible opportunity for the Babalon Rising community to have even more sway than normal on the offerings of the festival. We're giving you three options early in the year for registration. The first is to pay the gate rate ($93) with the stipulation that the extra $28 you're spending now be used either to bring in a paid presenter (or two) OR to ramp up the games and shenanigans that we have envisioned for  the Dark Carnival them we are bringing to Midian in the Year of the Fool.

The second and third options are the same as ever: secure your registration early at the $65 (or later, $80) rate or save your spot for $20 (non-refundable) and pay the remainder when you arrive.

The "big presenters" come with a price tag (and so does a Ferris Wheel). We can have it all, if that is your Will. Or, if it is the community's Will to be conservatively cautious, we can rock it out with local talent and low-cost games. Either way, the Year of the Fool will bring you the serious magick and silly antics that you expect from Babalon Rising -- along with a few surprises!

Admission includes:
• One adult admission (age 21+) to all festival events for 2017.
• Overnight camping from Wednesday to Sunday of the festival (although nothing is planned Wednesday and Sunday, you are welcome to come early!)
• Free vending with prior confirmation


Day Passes

Single-day admission to the festival can be purchased at the main gate for $30.00 per day. Single day admission includes one adult admission to all festival events from 8am on day of purchase to 8pm on day of purchase. Single night overnight admission may be added for $10.00 more per person. Single night admission includes one adult admission to all festival events from 8pm on day of purchase to 8am the following day.

Pre-registration is not available for day passes.


Barter discounts

Partial discounts on admission are available through work bartering during the festival. Learn more about bartering into Babalon Rising.


Register with Credit Card via PayPal

Online registration for 2017 is now closed. You may register at the gate for $93 or the day/night pass rate mentioned above.




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