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Volunteer for Workshops, Rituals, & Presentations

We are looking for qualified, knowledgeable presenters for the Babalon Rising Thelemic Festival. We need workshop presenters, performers, authors, and ritual organizers. 

We have three major areas of programming, at this time. The Law of Thelema informs them all: 
MAGICK Track -- ceremonial magick
SCARLET Track -- sex magick, sacred sexuality
CHAOS Track -- chaos magick 
EMERGENT Track -- emergent forms of magick

If you would like to present an event at this festival, please submit the form  below. Please be as specific as possible in your application. Your application will be considered and you will be contacted for any further required information.

At this time, we are unable to offer compensation (beyond festival admission), travel, and hotel accommodations to the majority of our presenters. These are often held in reserve for our keynote speakers. Submitting the items below  will give us the opportunity to consider you as a keynote speaker for BR, if that is of interest to you. 

We can, however, offer discounted (and even fully comped) festival entrance in exchange for your time and expertise as a presenter. How deeply we will discount your entrance will depend on several factors, including  your availability, how many presentations you are offering, and whether you are presenting on your own or as part of a team. (As a general rule, fully comped entrance is only available to individual presenters with two accepted presentations who are available for the entire duration of the event.)

Also, every attendee of BR is afforded the opportunity to vend, free of charge. If you have books, CD’s, or other merch, please know that you are welcome to sell them at Babalon Rising. You can set up a vending booth or claim a little space on the merch table at the BR-HQ.

Please review some of our previous presentations for an idea of the content, themes, and presentation format we are considering for this year's festival.

If you have read through this information and still have questions, please contact us at

Please note that limiting your availability limits us in scheduling your presentation. Speakers who are available for the duration of the event are much more likely to be selected for inclusion. 


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