Radical Thelema
Presented by: Brandy Williams

Babalon Rising 2016

Nuit is infinite space, Babalon welcomes all, but we are more limited. Thelemites are only human, striving to perfect ourselves through the lessons of incarnation. Radical Thelema dares us to dig to the root of Thelema – challenging us where we block our own progress and engaging our institutions where they create barriers to freedom. Radical Thelema unfolds the work of Babalon on Earth and calls every living soul home to the infinite love of Nuit.

Radical Thelema includes four presentations. Each can be experienced independently, asking questions, presenting tools, and suggesting avenues of experimentation. The presentations are rooted in historic research and contemporary Thelemic work while offering new philosophical and ritual ideas. Together they form a theoretical framework encouraging the construction of new rituals and other Thelemic works.

Radical Thelema

The initial presentation leverages the wisdom of the community through a structured discussion posing a series of questions on core topics:

  • post-Crowley Thelema
  • woman centered Thelema
  • queer Thelema
  • cultural appropriation in Thelema
  • secrecy
  • appropriate social action


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