Women's Magick in Thelema
Presented by: Brandy Williams

Babalon Rising 2016

Who is the Woman Thelemite? She is the Scarlet Woman, the priestess of Babalon, the transgressive power of women’s sexuality. Babalon points us to the ancient Goddesses of Life and their priestesses in the Aeon of Isis. The Aeon of Osiris rejected the Goddess and elevated the God to the status of creator. In that aeon Western religion rejected the female divine and demonized women’s sexuality. In the New Aeon the Goddess comes roaring back! Babalon’s priestesses demand to be acknowledged magicians in our own right. Thelemites in this Aeon take up the task of balancing the Goddess and the God, re-sacralizing sexuality, and working as sisters, brothers and lovers with each other.

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