Sacred Rose Temple
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Babalon Rising 2016

Leave your expectations at the door and enter the Hall of Babalon. Come, step inside with any gift or sacrifice for the red goddess takes all. Come and receive Babalon's blessing through direct contact. Seek her wisdom and blessings in your life. Come with an open heart and an open mind.

 The Great Mystery has many forms and many faces; some of tender touch and some of firm words, some of thoughtful conversations and comforts, some of intense emotional exchange. The Mother of Abominations is both severity as well as mercy.

 Join us for this innovating event, where you will be given the opportunity to partition Babalon in her many forms and allow fate to guild which face you receive. There will be many conduits channeling Babalon energy at once -- Priests, Priestesses, devotees and mediums. Scarlet men and women. When you partition them, you will be allowed access to only one and you will not know which one you get.

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