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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q): What does it cost to attend the festival?
A): The cost of attendance to the festival  is $111.00 at the gate. Pre-registering for the festival or arranging for a work-barter gives a discount on admission.

Q): Where do festival profits go?
A): All proceeds from the festival go to support future Babalon Rising Festivals.

Q): What is the purpose of this festival?
A): The Babalon Rising festival was created as a way for Thelemites of different organizations and philosophies to come together in brotherhood to celebrate the New Aeon and to discuss and practice magick, ritual, and the 93 Current.

Q.): Why is the festival adults-only?
A.): The festival has several elements that the organizers felt were inappropriate for minors (those under the age of 21) to be around, both for their safety, and the legal protection of the festival. Some of these include: drinking, sexually-themed rituals, and occultism. The organizers hope that, as the festival is adults-only, it will provide an environment condusive to magicians for doing their Will.

Q): Is there an online forum or discussion group for the festival?
A): Yes! We love keeping in touch with people interested in the Babalon Rising Festival throughout the year. Join us at our official Facebook Group to share photos, discuss past festivals, keep in touch with old friends, and help plan future festivals!

Q): Who came up with this festival?
A): An O.T.O. First Degree, an E.G.C. Bishop, a Chaos Mage, and a Gardnerian Wiccan were having a late-night dinner at Steak-n-Shake... it sounds like the start of a bad joke, but it was the beginning of the Babalon Rising festival, proving once again that the Law is for All!

Q): What is Thelema?
A): That is a difficult and thorny question! Here is a brief answer, along with some links for further exploration.

Thelema, Θελημα in Greek, means Will. Thelema is the name of the philosophical school and religious matrix established in 1904 with the writing of Liber AL vel Legis (The Book of the Law) by Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). The Law of Thelema is summed up in two phrases from the Book:

  • “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” (AL I:40) and
  • “Love is the law, love under will” (AL I:57).

Those who follow the path of Thelema are called Thelemites. Thelema emphasizes individualism, and the uniqueness of each person's True Will, which is generally defined as the innermost Nature or proper life course of the individual. As a result, it is very difficult to make blanket statements about its nature, or the natures of its adherents. Even the label of "religion" sometimes fits Thelema awkwardly. Thelema is more accurately defined for some Thelemites as a philosophy and a way of life.

The process of discovering one's True Will is referred to as the Great Work. The techniques used to accomplish this difficult task fall under the general term Magick, and traditionally include practices such as yoga, invocational ritual, astral body work, and contact with the higher self. In Thelema it is up to the individual to find the doorway to his or her own inner self. The Book of the Law states that we are all divine creatures: “Every man and every woman is a star” (AL I:5). As such, Thelemites are encouraged to discover their own divinity, as well as their personal sense of right and wrong, based on both rational thinking and through the Great Work.

Further Reading on Thelema

Registration Questions

Q): What does it cost to attend the festival?
A): The cost of attendance to the festival is $111.00 at the gate. Pre-registering or arranging for a work-barter for the festival gives a discount on admission.

Q): Can I arrive early or stay late?
A): Yes! Our festival is packed with events from morning until well after midnight on all four days. To make sure that you don't miss a moment, we've added the Wednesday before and the Monday after the festival as free complimentary camping days. Although no official Babalon Rising workshops, rituals, or events are scheduled on these days, you or your group are welcome to come out early to set up on Wednesday, and to stay as late as you want on Monday to recover from the festival. These set-up and tear-down days are completely free and are included in the cost of your admission.

Q.): Are refunds given if I pre-register but can't attend?
A.): No, there are no refunds given for the festival at this time for any reason. If you pre-register and find that you cannot attend, you will be offered a free admission to next year's festival. Your complimentary admission is good for only one year, and you must have proof of registration from the previous year.

Q.): Why did the ticket price increase in 2019?
A.): The Babalon Rising Festival kept the same registration rates from 2006 to 2018, but we just can't keep bringing you the  event you want and need on 2006 entry fees.  The biggest factor is infrastructure. If you were part of the "Escape from Bogalon" in 2018, you were probably one of hundreds of our beloved and loyal attendees who were forced to leave sodden bedding and bags of water-logged trash behind for festival and Midian staff to remove. It was costly and gross, but it taught  us that we have grown beyond our "pack out your trash" policy. The community isn't doing it, and we don't have the staff or money to do it. So ...  The inflation is being used almost entirely on maintenance (a roll-off dumpster for trash removal and a few more potties) to make life a little more comfortable at camp. (You can still get your private potty if you hate sharing with strangers. Make your private privvy payment on the Registration page.)

Location Questions

Q): What should I bring to this festival?
A:) Other than an open mind, and a magical spirit, we reccommend you bring supplies for a weekend of primitive camping, including a tent, a sleeping bag, sunscreen, spare clothes (but remember that the festival is clothing optional!), a camp chair (for workshop seating) and snacks (a food vendor is available on-site for most of the festival). We have created a suggested festival packing list available for download here.

Q): What amenites do the festival grounds have?
A:)Midian has  limited electricity, a sheltered stage, fresh drinking water, port-o-lets, ice, firewood, firepits, & hiking trails.

Q:) What should I not bring to the festival?
A: Firearms, illegal drugs, or alcoholic beverages not intended for personal consumption are not permitted.

Q): What other festival rules are there?
A): Please review Midian's rules of conduct here. We reserve the right to reject and/or revoke registration to any participant at our sole discretion.

Q:) Is photography permitted?
A:) No filming (camcorders, video equipment) is allowed during the festival. Photography is permitted only if prior permission is requested of anyone whose photo you may be taking. This includes individuals in the background area of your shot. Failure to comply with these rules will cause security staff to enforce destruction of all film or digital files on your camera device, and may result is removal from the festival. You also need the permission of everyone in the shot before before posting to social media. (These are two different consents!) That said, we do encourage photography at this festival.

Q.): Is the entire festival clothing optional?
A.): Yes! The entire Babalon Rising festival is clothing optional in all areas beyond the main gate. However, we do reccommend that you plan you clothing, or lack thereof, with the weather in mind! The festival may become hot, wet, or chilly.

Q): Where is the best place to camp at the festival?
A): Camping is permitted in nearly any suitable location throughout the site except for those areas specifically designated for vendors or where your campsite would be an obvious obstruction (in the middle of the road, or right in front of the main stage would likely be a bad idea). If you require electricity, you will also be limited to a few campsites with power hookups. Please let the staff know if this is the case. Also please keep in mind that not all attendees of the festival will keep the same hours as you! The most active areas in the daytime are the workshop areas, the vendor's area, and the food area. The most active areas at night are the main fire and the stage. We strongly suggest that you plan your campsite according to your sleeping habits.

Q.): Will my campsite have a firepit?
A.): If you arrive early to the festival (Wednesday or Thursday) there is a very good chance that you will have access to a firepit at your campsite. Many firepits are located in the camping fields at the festival location. If you are arriving to the festival later (Friday or Saturday) you may still have access to the firepits, but may need to share with other later arrivals.

Q.): Is there internet service at the festival location?
A.): There is currently no reliable internet service at Midian beyond what your own mobile provider may offer.

Q.): Is there cell phone signal at the festival location?
A.): Some carriers, including AT&T, have limited signal at Midian. Most providers do not carry cell signal at Midian.

Q): What is the weather like at the festival?
A): Weather is notoriously unpredictable in Southern Indiana, but the average temperature for mid-June is high of 83 and low of 60 with some precipitation. Past experience has taught us that you should plan for all types of weather: hot & dry, hot & wet, cold & dry, and cold & wet. Be sure that your tent/shelter is waterproofed, and dress in layers. Bring an extra towel! For the most accurate forecast and local conditions, please see our weather magnet below.

Q): Where can I buy supplies near the festival?
A): Ice and firewood are available to purchase on-site at the festival. There are several nearby options for gas and groceries.

Q): Can I stay off-site for the festival?
A): Yes! Bedford, Indiana is less than 15 minutes from Midian's gate, and offers several hotel options.

Q.): Can I breastfeed at the festival?
A.): No, children under age 21, including children being breastfed are not allowed beyond the gate during Babalon Rising. You may choose to stay off-site or camp in the parking area.

Festival Events Questions

Q): Who will be presenting at this festival?
A): Lots of people, maybe even you! Check out this year's presenters for the complete listing. You can view the past presenter's list here.

Q.): What is the Feast of the Beast?
A.): The Feast of the Beast is an all-night group-participation ritual and celebration that the organizers of Babalon Rising hope to make an annual event. The Feast of the Beast will take place Saturday night, into Sunday morning. All festival-goers are welcome to attend. Although much of the ritual is a surprise, and ANYONE at the festival is welcome to attend and partipate, we encourage those individuals who would like to participate fully in the ritual to dress in their favorite ritual gear, or as their favorite God-form! For more information on the Feast of the Beast, click here.



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